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Velvet- The New Winter Collection!

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Velvet is the new IT "girl" in the crowd, and we have a complete run down of what to wear, when to wear and how to wear this new fun trend!

So first of, velvet has been around for centuries, people all the way back in medieval times wore velvet as a sign of royalty and financial power as it was an expensive fabric. Embroidered with golden threads and sparkling beads, they rocked these trends all over the place. 

it has been a trend that comes and goes with time as all fashion trends do, but this time its making a huge comeback! it's the perfect piece for winter as it is thick and sometimes a bit heavy for warmer temperatures. 

The most common velvet pieces and the easiest to mix and match with are bodysuits, skirts and pants. Try to go for plain solid colors like olive green, black, white, and burgundy, even mustard yellow is a good option. When pairing bodysuits it goes great with jean! Use more texture and patterns on your accessories to not look over done!

Velvet can be used almost to any event! (except for summer parties or you will be sweating like a pig, unless that's the look you're going for). Use it to formal events, family get togethers, a night out with friends, or simply to relax around the house. 

Be bold and try it out! 

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