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How to wear Jumpsuits the right way

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Jumpsuits have been around for decades and have been a must have in every girls' closet. You cannot go wrong with them; picnics, parties, dinner, night outs, date night, even fancy gala events! 

The trick is knowing how to accessorize them to make them stand out and make you look fabulous. The awesome thing about them is they're perfect for any body type!

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So first let's go through some basics, depending on what type of event you plan to wear them to, you must chose carefully to make sure you are comfortable. Things like material, cleavage and cuts are very important to keep in mind or you will not be making the impression you wish. Wardrobe malfunctions can happen easily if you don't think this through. Wearing a plunge neck jumpsuit with some pumps may not be the best choice for a picnic at the park, unless you plan on constantly arranging your girls and sinking into the grass with your heels!

Once you have that figured out, shoes are your next stop. Jumpsuits tend to make you look taller, especially ones that are full pants. Wearing wedges are great for these models! Short jumpsuits on the other hand are great to show off your legs and can be worn with any type of flats or heels.

Now the tricky part is how to accessorize properly. Ruffles and strapless jumpsuits are very trendy now a days and have already to much going on for you to add more. Try to keep it simple with a high ponytail and long earrings. Now if you're going with lose hair, do small studs and a clean neck. Another way you can accentuate your jumpsuit is with a set of cute colorful bracelets, sometimes less is more!

Either way, don't get caught without a jumpsuit in your closet, they're easy to play with and a great option to make your own fashion statement! 

Here are some great options, take a look! 

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