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Bodysuit - The New Ripped Jeans

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Remember when ripped jeans were a closet must have every celebrity was sporting to events, weekend strolls, and even quick getaways? Everyone we knew and their mother had at least one go to pair of ripped jeans we cherished oh so much! Don't get us wrong, a ripped jean is still a must have piece in our style (regardless of what your style is, but that is topic for another day), but the new trend coming along are bodysuits.

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Now depending what your age is, you  might remember bodysuits from the  80's. Our parents rocked these suits  up and down the streets, clubs, get-  aways and even the gym! But as we  all know, fashion is constantly  recycling itself and what was trendy  back then is making a comeback  now!

Bodysuits are perfect for anything;  they're very flattering and perfect for  high-waist bottoms.You can find them  in all kinds of material, colors and  patterns. They're so versatile you can  use them with a pencil skirt to a fancy  dinner or dress down to a maxi skirt  and wear them to a picnic at the park.

Dare to strut your fabulous self in a  bodysuit and have playing with them!  Mix and match as much as you want,  you can't go wrong with them!


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