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Are you Sequ-IN or Sequ-OUT?

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Sequins have been around for ages! Young girls, go ahead ask your moms and grandmas, you'll be surprised! It is on of those pieces of fashion that comes and goes every few years and every time it comes back it makes an impact on new generations. 

We personally at FMS are in LOVE with sequin this season! It all started with the video of the reversible sequin pillow that trolled around social media  couple months ago. After that we knew sequins were around the corner! And oh how we were right!

Recently there has been a huge acclaim for mermaids all over the industry, from clothes, to hair, to make-up, to accessories, to your favorite Frappuchino! We have found that sequins are the perfect fit to resemble this awesome creature in a fashionable and very sexy way!

We have carefully chosen some very hot and sexy pieces just for you this holiday!

Buy Sequin Shorts With Lining online by Fit Miami Style for $34.99

Don't be scared and show your inner mermaid and wear it with pride! You cannot go wrong with sequin designs this season!

So are you Sequ-IN or Sequ-OUT? --- We're SEQUIN!

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